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"I think our intelligence communities are absolutely rampant with illegalities, that's one of the reasons i quit. I think were in trouble"

Derrel Sims                    Chief of Investigations  Saber Enterprises


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 Last Updated: Saturday May 15, 2004


About Us
 has been set up to keep you informed of the latest developments taken place in the scientific community and in ufology circles. The main reason for my involvement in this field is due primarily to my own close encounter experiences. I am for want of a better word an "experiencer". I have had close encounters with ufos since I was a child and this has led to me having a form of communication with extra terrestrials. As bizarre as this may sound to some ill informed and uneducated individuals, I believe this to be a relatively common theme amongst ufo experiencers. Not all people who have seen extraterrestrial craft are being abducted however,they are merely observers

Our Mission

To Educate and to raise awareness to members of the public to the extra terrestrial presence.

To raise awareness of the evidence that actually exists showing this to be the case.

To  push for public disclosure of the existence of extra terrestrials visiting the earth and for world governments to come clean on what they know but are holding back. There are several reasons why they are doing this in my opinion. The evidence seems to support this hypothesis.

1. fear of mass world panic and economic collapse

2. A shift in the power structure of the world. Unacceptable to those with the power and massive investment in redundant technologies.

3. Possibly because they do not know as much as we think they do about what the extra terrestrial presence is doing on earth.

4. They are possibly already communicating with e.t and are sharing information and technology in return for something they want or need?

5. Humans have tried using force by shooting down ufos and are still trying to do so in order to obtain the technology, hence the setup of the star wars project?  This would cause a negative response from e.t.  Though non aggressive response from e.t would ensue it would cause a major setback in communication and development for the long term future of mankind. Public disclosure would be detrimental to the military/government agenda. No real evidence has been produced showing e.t to be hostile.

To provide a warm friendly and non judgmental online community where people can meet and discuss this subject and find support which is so often lacking.

The Self Imposed Secrecy

It is not easy to discuss personal experiences openly with your friends and even your family. Some people are lucky and have moral support when needed but that i believe is where it often ends. The secrecy that exists around the ufo experiencer is often self imposed. This is due mostly to FEAR and ridicule. Even close family members hide these experiences from each other for many years. Another reason i believe could be to do with the actual deliberate attempts from the extraterrestrials to block out these thoughts in an attempt to conceal there agenda. It could also be a self imposed hypnotic state where the abductees if that is the right word could not cope with the experience so the mind compensates for this by pushing it into the subconcious where it will stay quite happily until something years later triggers it off in the conscious mind such as a smell, noise or something visual. This would be the catalyst, the trigger that would release the memory from the subconcious into the conscious part of the mind.


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